The Moon Rises

Session - 1/6/2012

Qaliwin's journal - Vol. 1, Entry 1

((Qaliwin has taken to writing in a journal when we get time before we go to sleep. If asked, anyone can view this book he carries))

I decided to keep this journal based off the course that Brother Clement and I have shifted our travels to as of late. Whereas In the past we have been on the road, wandering from town to town; he spreading the wisdom of JADO and me trying to make us enough money to eat and have a place to lay our heads that is not the solid earth. It was hard. It was lonely most time.


No one told us where to go, what to eat, what to wear. I don’t think the good brother shared my ecstatic view of life on the road but I know that he didn’t mind my almost child-like enthusiasm. He cared for the spreading of the word, and while I did not share his views I didn’t mind them either. He surely was a good travelling companion; his depth of knowledge was astounding, and most certainly got us out of more than a few precarious situations more often than I would like to mention. There are only so many things that a quick tongue can get you away from. For everything else, there is a well-researched answer.

However, today along the road we met with a group of men leading a pack of refugees towards the capital city of Erius, a road I had long avoided because of their utterly disgraceful methods of “dealing” with mages like myself. At first, I was skeptical, but a man named Lucas came forth to speak to us. In his conversation he revealed to us, rather bluntly, that both Brother Clement and myself were a part of some greater destiny and that we should travel with them. Clement agreed, probably wanting to spread his wisdom and the teachings of JADO through the refugee camp, and I went with Clement. At the very least, even heading to Erius as we were, I could perhaps become unseen among the refugees and keep my presence mostly unknown to the Inquisition.

With Lucas was another mage named Geslane Dui Guislane, a man who claimed to be an Alchemist, and a halfling who claimed to be an Elf, of all things! Once HE claiminged to be an Elf, Lucas and Guislane explained that this group had been in contact with REAL ELVES. And that they also had contact with a Daemon, which one of their party had brought into existence. None of which seemed to shake Clement at all, but I was downright nervous to be travelling with men such as this. I placed my faith in Clement, who likewise placed his faith in JADO, and we rode on to Erius.

Once in Erius, Guislane exhibited some strange behavior, as if he were waiting for something to fall on his head from a balcony or something like that. Apparently, that feeling was the Inquisition, who had bred such fear into the hearts of the mages here that he was right to feel in such a way. I was accosted in the street while trying to entertain the people by some strange men; mages who wore the regalia of someone from the Inquisition. Never had I heard of such a thing, but they gave me the creeps so I just let them rudely take me to the Inn where we all were staying. There, I met with a man who was a High Inquisitor, the name of which I care not to remember or write down. I was placed in twice-redundant restraints and put under magical interrogation by this man where he asked me the spells I was taught and forced me to write them down in a book he referred to as a Grimoire. They spat out some dribble about who to give it to and where to bring it that I barely listened to. This dictatorial control over people whom were only born different is abhorrent. I wish to discard this book as soon as possible. I went to sleep shortly after that dreaming of a day when the mages of Erius would be free.



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