The Moon Rises

Session - 1/27/2012

Qaliwin's journal - Vol. 1, Entry 2

((This entry is missing the parts about the Crusade and the Emperor because at the end of last session we were in hot pursuit of Sir Byron and Qaliwin would not have had time to sit peacefully and write down what happened. The next entry will include that stuff, provided Qaliwin survives the fight))

We were on the road today. I have taken to actually practicing my magic, something I haven’t done since the Red Rock. Being in the company of mages has me thinking about the different uses of magic.

We’ve been travelling for a while. My training is focused on trying to pair my magic more effectively with my sword fighting. The halfling/elf seems to think its impossible, but I don’t believe him. Magic lets us do anything; we are without limits!

I was forced to walk into a room where magic was cut off from me in order to regain my Grimoire. Forced to feel the power and majesty of magic cut from my body, and these people in the Inquisition are without remorse. I wish to never return here again. Guislane seems to be so broken of spirit that he just complies with the insanity that is this place without second thought. I must work on that.

We were joined before leaving Erius by a druid and a knight. The druid was quiet and kept to himself, but the knight was apparently the one who released the daemon. It seemed like a touchy subject, so I left it alone.

On the road, however, we were approached by a Dwarf who had the strangest look about him. Blue eyes and stark blonde hair, something I had never seen in the few Dwarves I had ever met. However, he was out AT NIGHT. Something no Dwarf is ever supposed to do. He said he had been sent to join us on our journey (more destiny stuff) so we had him accompany us. That night, we heard some strange animal noises in the forest. It was odd, and made even more weird by the fact that the ambient nature noise was silent. Eventually, this terrible beast flew overhead and attacked some wolves off in the distance. Clement recognized it and began to get sick before telling us it was a BATTLE DAEMON. A. BATTLE. DAEMON. Fully materialized. I was beginning to question my use in this group, but if Daemons and dark powers needed to be battled in order for people to be kept safe then it had to be done. We silently made camp for the night and awoke the next day somberly.

A few days later when we stopped to make camp… I don’t know how to easily put it so I am just going to say it. We witnessed Sir Byron manifest magical powers. He was unable to control himself so our Milo put a collar on him that cut him off from magic, just as I had been in the Grimoire room. He said he felt as if he were on fire, so I attempted to cool him down with my freezing magic. It only mostly seemed to work, so Guislane took Sir Byron away and attempted to help him meditate to learn control. I was completely useless to helping Byron, as I had never almost exploded with magic; I learned control before that ever happened. How someone could manifest magical ability that late in life eludes me.

We have more than two weeks ride left to reach our destination at the Auk front line and to our target. I assume I will have more before we get there, which also assumes that I will survive our encounter.



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